How to cite a research paper?

June 14, 2019 Off By Daniel Simpson
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This is how research activity is arranged, that one cannot simply do without quoting any pundits. This also applies to the research paper. Every graduate student someday will have to remember the language school lessons on how to quote correctly. So much has been written about the citation rules that you can get confused in the stream of articles. Here – only the most important and necessary. How to cite a research paper?

Quotation is super-accurate excerpt from any text that is included in your own text. When creating a research paper, you can use direct quotation or indirect. You can also make a quote in the research paper with the indication of the author and the source directly in the text of the ppaer or using the link to the author and the source.

Among the general recommendations on how to cite a research paper, the following can be mentioned:

1. In many universities, the criterion for the uniqueness of a research paper is quite important, so do not abuse direct quotations that lead not only to a reduction in uniqueness, but also are a sign of poor quality of research and intentional increase in volume to the members of the attestation commission, to the detriment of the semantic load.

2. Do not use too large quotes (one third of a page or more). It also reduces the uniqueness and quality of the paper. There is an exception: for example, when a student needs to analyze an excerpt from an artistic text.

3. Carefully cite reference literature: encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. References to such sources are possible, for example, in the introduction to the disclosure of terms and concepts.

4. Give a direct quote accurately, without the slightest distortion, even grammatical forms, save all punctuation marks.

5. Basically, allow the author to cite only in his text. Sometimes it is possible to use the statement of this author, published in another edition: if the source is not at all available or difficult to find.

6. Use indirect quoting, which significantly saves the text, increases the uniqueness of the diploma, shows your competence and confident possession of the research topic. Be extremely accurate when indirect quoting, so as not to distort the meaning of the statement.

7. It is advisable to use quotes, there should be neither more nor less. A large number of quotations makes a research paper look like an essay with a different compilation character. On the contrary, a small number of citations can reduce the scientific value of the research paper.