Research paper defense

June 14, 2019 Off By Daniel Simpson
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Research paper is necessary not only to competently perform and pass on the teacher to check, but also it must be protected. As a rule, the defense for research paper consists of three components: for the quality of the content, for the correct design of the paper and for the answers during defense. This publication focuses on all aspects of research paper defense.

Terms of research paper defense

The research paper is defended on the test week on the day and time specified by the teacher.

Defense research paper are:

  • Individual – one-on-one student and teacher.
  • Public – defense may be attended by other students and teachers, representatives of the university administration.

On the defense of a research paper, a student must:

  • summarize the main content of the research paper;
  • answer all clarifying and additional questions of the teacher.

Importance of the report on research paper defense

A report is a summary of the research paper, with a focus on its key points.

No provision is made that a student should come to defense with a written report. You can not prepare a written report, but prepare yourself for the defense orally.

But the written report has undoubted advantages. Let us dwell on them in more detail:

• A prepared and printed report is undoubtedly an additional plus in the eyes of the teacher. According to the logic of the teacher: you care, you diligently prepared and spent additional time preparing the report.

• In preparing the report, you will additionally work with research paper materials and refresh them in memory.

Summarizing the above, we can confidently state that we receive undoubted advantages from a written report.

The approximate structure of the report on the defense of the research paper.

In preparing a written report, it is necessary to focus on the following blocks of information:

1. The theme of the work – this is where you should start. The theme of his work should be learned by heart. Very often on defense, teachers ask the question: “What is your topic?” And then clarify again in the process of defense (and not because they suffer from sclerosis).

2. Relevance of the topic – it is necessary to argue in a few sentences and without water, than the chosen topic will help science and society.

3. Purpose of the work – what result we want to get by doing this work.

4. The tasks of the work – there are several of them and they help to achieve the goal.

5. The subject and object of the study – clearly indicate.

6. The first chapter – you should bring a few basic theoretical positions.